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Virtual Concierge Service

February 28, 2019 by Krissy

An Enhanced Guest Experience!

Throughout the years, guests and customers have come to expect excellent customer service while in an establishment, and between mobile devices, and tablets, modern consumers also have a growing desire to be self-sufficient. Although a traditional concierge is often charming, a virtual concierge is always quick, efficient and knowledgeable.

What is a Virtual Concierge?
A virtual concierge, sometimes referred to as a digital concierge, is a type of customer experience (CX) technology that can provide guests with conversational and contextual assistance. Our digital concierge systems also works in conjunction with mobile devices, so the experience can continue from a digital screen to a device in a guest’s hand.

Additionally, a virtual concierge will provide content at just the right time; with access to data a traditional concierge might not have, like local weather report, restaurant recommendations, specific property information and the status of particular flights.

Examples of services provided by the virtual concierge:

  • A group orientation when guests arrive
  • Check in & check out information
  • How to connect to the internet
  • Instructions for dealing with garbage & recycling
  • Ability to contact the owner or manager
  • Upcoming events, and other reasons to come back
  • Fun group games available with Alexa
  • Restaurant recommendations
  • Insider tips on local attractions
  • Local shopping opportunities
  • Detailed information on things to do in the area
  • Spots to rent recreational equipment
  • Who to contact in an emergency
  • What to know about parking
  • Important safety information
  • How to use Alexa to help guests sleep better
  • History of the residence and area
  • Location of the nearest hospital
  • How to use the dishwasher and laundry appliances
  • How to play music using Alexa
  • Telephone, climate control, and lighting info
  • How to get meal ideas and instructions from Alexa
  • How to use the sound system and TV
  • Describe smart home capabilities available to guests


Fun New Way to Cook Together
Without a doubt, food is one of the central experiences of a vacation. As such, it also represents some of the biggest opportunities to spend time together. Extending this time beyond eating the food to preparing it provides a shared goal the group can work toward accomplishing together. This naturally builds relationships.

Alexa is quite helpful in the kitchen. For example, you can set multiple kitchen timers hands-free with your voice. Quickly find recipes that match your desired dish type, available cooking time, and preferred cooking method. If you need to make a quick trip to the store for ingredients, you can just ask Alexa to send the recipe to a phone.

A lot of questions come up in the kitchen, for both experienced cooks and young aspiring chefs. With many cooks in the kitchen, there will be many questions that come along! This is especially true in an unfamiliar kitchen. Alexa can be a great help here. You will appreciate the ability to ask for the location of a common utensil or small appliance. You can ask for any measurement conversion you can think of. For example, “Alexa, how many pints are in a liter?”.